Hotel Le Bois des Chambres & Restaurant Le Grand Chaume

Le Grand Velum

Open from 12.00 to 2.30 p.m

published at 25/01/2017

A fully-fledged workshop for gastronomic and culinary creation, Le Grand Velum serves sophisticated, inventive cuisine taking its cue from the International Garden Festival theme.

A wholly original menu, giving pride of place to understated, refined fare, showcases plant products that are for the most part organically farmed, certified and locally sourced.

Located in an elegant and landscaped greenhouse, it provides the perfect, tasteful end to a visit to the Domain that foodies always appreciate.

A blend of humanist values and inspired thinking, these dishes are an invitation to eat mindfully and better.

“Nourishment” is also about nourishing the soul for, here, precedence is given to the nutritional, dietetic and sensory qualities of produce.