Hotel Le Bois des Chambres & Restaurant Le Grand Chaume

The Stables

published at 20/10/2022

Horses were of prime importance during the second half of the 19th century. They were required in the organisation of hunts, and noble lords would have their coats-of-arms emblazoned on their carriages and show off the magnificence of their footmen’s livery.

In 1877, the princely couple entrusted the famous architect Paul-Ernest Sanson with designing the stables, which had to be the most sumptuous and modern in all Europe. Sanson opted for a brick and stone ensemble (brick was regularly used in the late 19th century in the building of equine palaces), also making use of an old sculptural feature present on the château’s facades (a sculpted frieze alternating the double “C” of Charles II de Chaumont and a mountain in flames).

Two stables were built, the larger one for the use of the Château owners and the other for their guests.