Hotel Le Bois des Chambres & Restaurant Le Grand Chaume

The private apartments

published at 19/10/2022

The private apartments on the south and west wings’ ground floors were remodelled by the architect Paul-Ernest Sanson at Prince and Princess Henri-Amédée de Broglie’s request. The architect began working at Chaumont in 1877. Due to his personality, changing tastes and the considerable resources made available to him, the modern comforts he included (electricity, central heating and running water) were more than a match for the work carried out by Viscount Joseph Walsh during the same period.

Funded by the FRECC (Regional Fund for the Enrichment of Chaumont’s Collections) created in 2007, work was undertaken on historical remodelling based on archive photographs and manuscript documents. It led to rehabilitation of the Great Salon, Library and Dining Room: enhancements of the building’s indoor areas that have made it one of the Loire Valley’s most richly furnished châteaux.