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Under the presidency of Maryvonne Pinault

published at 12/06/2018

Patron of the arts and philanthropist, Maryvonne Pinault is one of the most active and committed supporters of cultural and charitable causes today. Her curiosity, interests, determination and commitment make her truly unique – which is why her services are so frequently called upon.

Her activities have two main focuses: 

Heritage and culture (principally 18th-century decorative arts, but also the art of the garden).

This being so, she is:
  1. a member of the Museums Council 
  2. a member of the Friends of the Louvre’s Board of Directors
  3. a member of Versailles’ Board of Directors
  4. a member of the Friends of Versailles’ Board of Directors
  5. a member of Versailles’ Acquisitions Council
  6. President of the Cressent Circle. As such, she brought together a group of generous sponsors who made key contributions to restoration of the Louvre exhibition halls devoted to 18th-century French decorative arts, which were inaugurated in 2014 after having been closed for 25 years.
  7. a member of the Redouté Prize jury
  8. a member of the Académie Française’s Montherlant Prize jury 
  9. a member  of the Meurice Prize for Contemporary Art jury 
  10. a member of Paris’ Alfred Cortot Music School’s Board of Directors

She is also responsible for the return of many treasures of 18th-century French decorative art in French museums. For the record, Monsieur and Madame François Pinault contributed to the Château de Versailles’ purchase of a Reisner chest-of-drawers, which is now on view in Madame Victoire’s apartment there. 

Maryvonne Pinault is also one of the foremost collectors of 18th-century objets d’art. As such, she has provided opportunities for many French craftspeople to show off their unparalleled knowhow. 

Medical research (mainly focusing on combating cancer)

  1. she was a member of NRB Vaincre le Cancer’s Board of Directors alongside Professor Claude Jasmin
  2. member of the AVEC Association (among other things, Monsieur and Madame Pinault organised a charity sale of contemporary art , held in Paris with proceeds going to AVEC. The event – a first in France – enjoyed major success). She makes regular contributions to the financing of Professor Khayat’s research.  
  3. President of the Board of Directors of the Association of Friends of Solenn from its creation to 2015.


  1. Maryvonne PINAULT, President of the jury
  2. Bernard FAIVRE D’ARCIER, President of the Domain of Chaumont-sur-Loire 
  3. Chantal COLLEU-DUMOND, Director of the Domaine and International Garden Festival of Chaumont-sur-Loire 
  4. Marc CLARAMUNT, Director of the Blois School of Landscape
  5. Soazig DEFAULT, Journalist-landscape architect 
  6. Ariane DELILEZ, Secretary-General of the French Landscape Federation
  7. Jean-Marc DIMANCHE, Artistic consultant
  8. Hélène and Patrice FUSTIER, Founders of the Journées des Plantes de Courson  
  9. Pascal GARBE, Landscape architect, Project Manager for the Gardens policy of Moselle County Council
  10. Guillaume HENRION, President of the Centre Region Association of Parks and Gardens 
  11. Olivier KAEPPELIN, President of the Maeght Foundation
  12. Pierre-Adrien LAGNEAU, Head Gardener - Truffaut
  13. Jean-Pierre LE DANTEC, Historian, writer, engineer and former director of the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris - La Villette
  14. Dominique MASSON, Consultant for gardens and landscape at the Centre Region Directorate for Cultural Affairs
  15. Catherine MULLER, President of UNEP (National Office – landscape businesses)
  16. Frédéric PAUTZ, Head of the Nancy Botanical Garden
  17. Anne and Patrick POIRIER, Artists
  18. Didier WILLERY, Author, editorial manager, journalist and botanical consultant
  19. Bernard CHAPUIS, Landscape architect and Gérard DOSBA, Head gardener at Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire