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Composition of the 2011 jury

Under the presidency of Jean-Marie Pelt

published at 13/06/2018

Jean-Marie Pelt has the ‘Agrégation’ [a high-ranking teaching qualification] in pharmacy and is a botanist and ecologist. Initially, he was a lecturer in plant biology and cryptogamic botany at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Nancy until 1972. That year he founded the European Institute of Ecology in Metz and taught botany and plant physiology at the Science Faculty of Metz University. Many scientific assignments abroad (Afghanistan, Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Morocco, etc.) led him to take an interest in the medicinal plants traditionally used in these countries. 

He was elected Deputy Mayor of Metz from 1971 to 1983.

Nowadays he is much sought after for all the general environmental and ecological issues, (urban ecology, sustainable development, global warming, biodiversity, food and health, GMO and medicinal plants).  

Since 1977, he has earned a reputation for his many works dealing with the world of plants and ecology. Noteworthy examples are: La cannelle et le panda [Cinnamon and pandas] (Fayard, 1999, republished in 2002), Les nouveaux remèdes naturels [New natural remedies] (Fayard, 2001, republished in 2003), Le nouveau tour du monde d’un écologiste [Around the world again with an ecologist] (Fayard, 2005), C’est vert et ça marche [It ‘s green and it works] (Fayard, 2007), La raison du plus faible [The weakest are right] (Fayard, 2009), Les dons précieux de la nature [Precious gifts of nature] (Fayard, 2010).

Jean-Marie Pelt is also well known for his Television Series, with the main ones being: L’Aventure des Plantes I [Plant Adventures I] (TF1, 1982) - L’Aventure des plantes II [Plant Adventures II] (TF1, 1987 with J.P. Cuny – ‘7 d’Or’ [French national television award] for the Best Documentary Programme in 1987). These series are broadcast all over the world and are available on the Internet on the INA website ( - Des Plantes et des Hommes [Of Plants and People] (ARTE, 1993, 1994) - Passion Terre [Earth Passion] (France 3 Lorraine, 2002) - Le goût du bonheur - Fruits et légumes [The taste of happiness – Fruit and vegetables] (France 5, 2001).

Jean-Marie Pelt also contributes to many radio programmes as a commentator. The following are some of his main broadcast radio series: Les Plantes médicinales [Medicinal plants] (France-Inter, 1981) - Histoires de Plantes [Plant Histories] (daily, France-Inter, 1985-1987) - Chroniques Ecologiques [Ecological Chronicles] (weekly, RTL, 1990-1992) - Nous n’avons qu’une terre [We only have one earth] (Radio France Internationale, 1995-1996) - Hexagonale Poursuite [French Pursuit], by Denis Cheissoux (France-Inter, 1996-2000) - Chassé Croisé [Toings and Froings], then CO2 Mon Amour [CO2 My Love], by Denis Cheissoux (weekly, France-Inter, on Saturdays at 14.05 since 2000).

Nowadays, Jean-Marie Pelt has a number of different roles: Chairman of the European Institute of Ecology – Chairman of FEREEPAS [European Federation for Research on the Education and Ecology of People and its Social Applications] – Honorary Chairman of the SFE [French Ethnopharmacology Society] - Member of the Scientific Committee of the Rhin-Meuse Water Agency, Secretary of Criigen (Independent Research and Information Committee on Genetic Engineering]. Jean-Marie Pelt was appointed by the European Commission to the position of Voluntary Environmental Ambassador for the European Union.  

THE 2011 jury

  1. Jean-Marie Pelt, Holder of the Agrégation [a high-ranking teaching qualification] in pharmacy and a botanist and ecologist.
  2. François Barré, Chairman of the Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire
  3. Chantal Colleu-Dumond, Director of the Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire and its Garden Festival​
  4. Stephen Bennett, Director of the Chelsea Flower Show, Royal Horticultural Society Show Director
  5. Vincent Bouvier, lecturer at the National Horticultural and Landscape Institute in Angers
  6. Caroline de Sade, Journalist, gardens chief editor of “Architecture à vivre”​
  7. Soazig Default, Landscape architect - journalist
  8. Ariane Delilez, Secretary General of the French Landscape Federation
  9. Hélène and Patrice Fustier, Founders of the Courson “Plant Days”
  10. Jean-Bernard Guillot, Regional Chairman of UNEP
  11. Guillaume Henrion, Chairman of the Parks and Gardens Association in the Centre Region
  12. Régis Lelievre, Regional Director of the Truffaut Company
  13. Dominique Masson, Gardens and Landscape Consultant, DRAC Centre Region (Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs)
  14. Michel Racine, Landscape architect-lecturer at the ELandscape School in Versailles
  15. Béatrice Saurel, Artist
  16. Bernard CHAPUIS, Landscape architect and Gérard DOSBA, Head gardener, Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire